Webinar! Offside For Beginning Referees

Do you want to be a better referee?  Do you want to get your offside calls correct?  This one-hour webinar is intended for young and new referees.  Our hosts, Dick Cote and George Molessa, will focus this discussion on what you want to know about making the offside call. Building on what you learned in the online training and field session, we will discuss positioning, considerations, and more, to help you decide when to raise the flag, blow the whistle, and where to restart. Dick and George have called, observed, and mentored hundreds of offside decisions.  They will use video analysis and interactive discussion to address your questions.  Boost your offside confidence by attending this webinar.

Monday, March 20, 2023. 7:30 PM.

Click here to attend:  Offside Webinar Zoom Link 

Posted March 14, 2023