USSF Region I Referee Seminar

U.S. Soccer, in conjunction with Eastern Pennsylvania State Referee Committee, is conducting a seminar that is open to any referee who would like to attend.  The seminar will be held June 3rd - June 5th at Eastern College, St. David's, PA.   Space is limited to 300 and attendees will be accepted on a first come basis.  Please see the attached application for details.
Instruction for the seminar will be provided by U.S. Soccer staff and instructors.  Presenters for this seminar are:
  • Alfred Kleinaitis, Manager of Referee Training and Development
  • Paul Tamberino, Manager of Professional Assignment and Assessment
  • David McKee, Chair of the Referee Committee, Director of Assessment
  • Sandra Hunt, National Instructor, National Assessor
  • Julie Ilacqua, Managing Director of Referee Programs

This is a great opportunity to see the latest referee instruction and enjoy the camaraderie of referee colleagues from different parts of the country.  Please use the attached application to reserve your spot at this seminar if you are interested in attending.

Questions should be directed to Frank Giancroce at or Julie Ilacqua at

Deadline for registering is April 30, 2005.

If you have already registered to attend this seminar, there is no need to send in an additional registration form.

Note:  Any registered DCV referee who wishes to attend this clinic to meet training requirements for an upgrade beyond Grade 7 or as senior recertification for 2006, must contact Paul Mungra, SDI, for prior approval.