Use of Spray Paint

In professional league matches of Major League Soccer (MLS) during this current season, it may have been observed that referees now use spray paint to mark the field for both the location of the ball as well as the required distance for opposing players to stand in a defensive wall for free kicks in ceremonial restarts of play. The paint, which dissolves within a few seconds, is aimed to discourage encroachment of opposing players by clearly indicating the required distance.

We wish to advise that this practice is used solely on an experimental basis as authorized by US Soccer and the MLS under very specific guidelines as part of a global effort to deal with player encroachment under these circumstances.  It is not authorized for use in other games (youth, amateur or other semi-professional matches), except for those in the MLS.
We strongly recommend that referees in DCV should not use this method to mark the required distance until definitive clearance is given by US Soccer.  Referees are encouraged to employ the standard and customary methods set forth by US Soccer.