Steven Davidson, Former FIFA AR, to Present at VYSA Workshop

The Metro DC-Virginia State Referee Program and VYSA are pleased to welcome Steven Davidson, former FIFA AR , as a presenter of several referee sessions at the VYSA Workshop which will be held on February 9-10, 2007, at the Richmond Convention Center .


Steven Davidson started officiating at age 16 as an alternative to flipping burgers.  At that time, he had no vision or motivation to become a professional referee.  However, Mr. Davidson eventually developed a sense for the business aspects of pro soccer while working in the front office of the Chicago Power (NPSL Indoor 1990-1994) and in the NPSL league office (1989-90).  He became a National Referee in 1999 and continued until 2006, officiated in the MLS from 2001-2006, and was a FIFA International AR from 2003-2006.  Born and raised in suburban Chicago, Mr. Davidson relocated to Los Angeles where he works full-time in human resources for a regional healthcare provider.


Mr. Davidson will present four sessions for referees and will speak about the following: 

Offside:  How to Call in Light of Recent FIFA Changes
      This session is a discussion of the latest interpretations in determining offside position, whether to penalize players for being offside, and determining whether players in offside, and determining whether players in offside position actually interfere with play or with an opponent.

The Assistant Referee:  Beyond Calling Offside

 The assistant referee must be an active member of the officiating team. Emphasis is placed on conveying key information to the referee in time for the referee to act upon it. 
Player Management:  When the Game Gets Really Intense

     Referees must demonstrate the ability to manage temperamental players to prevent the game from getting out of control.  Various management techniques will be introduced and compared.    
Serious Foul Play:  Protecting the Beauty of the Game

      Violence has no place in soccer.  It is the referee’s duty to act swiftly and appropriately when a player commits an infraction so severe that it compromises the safety of players and the integrity of the game.


Also, Scott Meyer, State Referee Administrator, will present an overview of The State Referee Program and Paul Mungra, State Director of Referee Instruction, will speak on What Referees are Taught.


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