MDCVSRP Referee School of Excellence

Mission Statement

To Recruit and mentor a select group of referees to develop their officiating abilities in a supporting learning environment that will inspire them to officiate at the highest level possible.”

The School of Excellence (SOE) will meet collectively two times a year in Richmond, during which the select candidates will be given the opportunity to optimize their development as a referee in a supported learning environment.  This program will demand significant commitment from those selected in terms of time, training and attitude for the duration of the program. To make the program more accessible to all potential candidates, SOE will hold up to two educational/training regional meetings based on the number of potential candidates in the 4 defined regions of the State Referee Program, East, West, South & North.

Criteria for candidates:

  1. Minimum of three (3) years active refereeing experience
  2. Recommended to be Grade 7 but exceptions may be made for suitable grade 8 candidates
  3. Thorough knowledge of the Laws of the Game
  4. Committed to the ongoing requirements of the School of Excellence
  5. Daily access to e-mail
  6. Willing to travel inside and outside the state of Virginia

There will be a six (6) month assessment period prior to selection of candidates which will include observation at matches and successful completion of a fitness test. There will also be an interview process prior to acceptance into the School.

Successful candidates will be expected to:

  • Attend the two (2) central and the regional training sessions
  • Follow the specific fitness training program as provided by email from the Fitness Instructor
  • Attend at least one of the MDCVASRP National Panel Fitness Sessions held in Virginia
  • Act in a responsible and attentive manner at all times
  • Participate fully in the SOE activities and exercises
  • Respond promptly and fully to all correspondence related to their referee activities
  • Be prepared to be regularly assessed on knowledge and application of the Laws of the Game, fitness, and all aspects of officiating. 

The dates and time of all modules will be confirmed following the conclusion of the selection process.

In order to be accepted into the program, all candidates must complete Part A of the SOE application form and have a registered MDCVASRP assessor complete Part B.  In addition, applicants must identify one recent match assessments and send to the Director of DCV SOE at   

Director =  Mort Sajadian at


Closing date for receipt of applications is March 15, 2019.

Please note that the invitation to apply to the School of Excellence does not guarantee acceptance.

The selection committee will notify all applicants of their decision by email no later than Monday, April 15, 2019


For information about the School of Excellence, please contact Mort Sajadian at .