Referee Game Incident Reports

If you are involved in an incident as a referee (i.e., Referee, AR, or 4th Official) that requires you to file a report with the State Association - for referee assault, referee abuse, or coach misconduct - you need to file a report. Click here if you need to see definitions of the terms referee assault, referee abuse, and coaches misconduct. The report may be used for other reportable incidents also and an "Other" box has been provided

To file the report properly, you need to submit it within forty-eight (48) hours by email AND send a signed copy.   Your report will not be complete until both actions have been taken. The email report serves as initial notification of the incident. Your signed mailed report serves as the official documentation of the incident.

The links below will open the report form for either a Youth and Amateur match. Use the correct form, because the email report will be sent automatically AND the reports go to different places. Instructions are contained

To report misconduct toward referees in a YOUTH match, click here

To report misconduct toward referees in an ADULT match, click here