Saturday, August 6, 2016 7:00 PM

DC United vs Philadelphia Union

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UPDATED 8/3/2016


Reporting information once you have the seats: 

We hope you’re looking forward to the match on Saturday as much as we are!

We’re excited not only for the match, but also for the post-match event with a referee Q&A. Below are the instructions on what to do and where to go for the post game experience:

  • Once the match ends everyone participating in post-game Q&A will leave their seats to enter the Field Level Fan Zone (FLFZ). The FLFZ is the large open space located behind the goal, where you see a large set of   stairs descending into it. You can access these stairs to enter the FLFZ by walking along the 200 level concourses and you will run into it shortly after passing section 217 on your right.
  • We will have a D.C. United staff member located at the top of the stairs to direct people down into the FLFZ so it is as clear as possible.
  • Once you enter the FLFZ, there will be a tent to the right where the post-game session will take place. We’ll have someone checking everyone in at the tent in advance of the referees arriving.
  • The Q&A likely will not begin until about 30 minutes after the game has ended to allow time for the PRO crew to shower, change clothes and complete any necessary duties stemming from the game.
  • The Q&A will last approximately 30 minutes after all is said and done.
  • Once the session has ended we will escort everyone up to the stairs, into the concourse to exit the stadium and make their way home.

See you Saturday!

POSTED 8/5/2016