A recent report appearing in the local news media provided an account of a referee assault incident which should be of interest to all USSF-certified referees and assignors.


Two young officials working in a youth U-10 age group match in the suburbs of Northern Virginia were physically assaulted by a team coach.  It is our understanding that this incident occurred in a match run by a non-USSF affiliated league.  Unfortunately, the coverage of USSF liability insurance as well as the advocacy support in upcoming legal proceedings offered to all officials who work sanctioned leagues cannot be extended under the circumstances of this situation since the league was unaffiliated and the match was unsanctioned by USSF.


This incident should be a reminder to all USSF-certified officials and assignors about the dangers of working and assigning in unsanctioned and/or unaffiliated leagues.  The ramifications of working and assigning matches in these matches are set out in the Referee Administrative Handbook published by USSF.  We urge all officials and assignors in our program to refrain from providing support to non-affiliated leagues and clubs and to communicate to unaffiliated leagues why it is important for them to gain affiliation with VYSA, MDCVSA and US Soccer.