Online Registration is Now Available!

Effective October 1st

As some of you may have been aware, the State Referee Program has been working to provide an online registration system for referees.  Its now here. You will see a new button on the left side of our website.  Click on that to access the link and begin the registration process.  Know that with this online system, you must first "register" and pay the appropriate fee and then also "select a class or clinic" and pay the appropriate fee for that as well.
The system is very intuitive.  When you go to the registration page, you will notice that it first asks you for your last name and birth date.  Once you enter that information, you are shown your current registration to choose from (there may be more than one person with the same last name and birth date). Select your entry.  Verify that the current information is correct and change anything that needs to be changed (i.e.:  e-mail, phone #, etc.).  Answer all the questions.  Then follow through with the payment, etc. You may pay by credit card or by check. Please remember to print your receipt.  YOU MUST BRING THAT WITH YOU TO THE CLINIC.  After completing the registration section, you will be prompted to select a clinic or return later.
When you select clinic search, you will be taken to the clinic screen where you will be able to view the clinics in your area that are currently available.  If you find a suitable one, you can select it and you will be taken through the clinic registration process including the payment section. The last part is your receipt that you MUST print and take with you to the clinic.  Then youre done.  Dont forget to show up!!!!!  If no clinic listed fits your schedule you can exit and come back later to check to see if any clinics have been added since your last visit.
If you are a new referee and log into the registration screen, your name will not appear in the next screen but a button for new referee will appear.  Select that and go through the process of entering the information.  You may select a clinic for new referees with choices of new 8, 9, or 12.