New USSF Referee Shirts

USSF has recently added a new referee uniform to the list of approved matchwear for referees. The new uniform features a redesigned stripe pattern on the shirt, embroidered socks, as well as a new color option of green being added to the array of gold, red, blue and the traditional black. Also featured on the sleeve of the shirt and on the shorts is the updated U.S. Soccer Referee Program logo.


In introducing this new uniform, the Federation has made it clear that the older style striped referee shirts and three-striped and Federation logo socks are still valid and remain approved matchwear for referees. In addition, referees are permitted to wear a combination of the new and old style shirt patterns of the same color in youth and adult amateur games.  The emphasis is on uniformity of shirt colors and socks style worn by all the officials in matches and not on the style stripe of the shirt or shorts.


It is therefore not necessary or mandatory for referees to purchase the new style striped shirts, socks or shorts immediately, if their current gear is still in acceptable condition.


Referees are also reminded that the basic primary color shirt is still gold which every referee must have as part of their referee gear. The new color green shirt has been added as an additional color option.


Metro DC-Virginia State Referee Committee