New Referee Assignor Certification Clinic Scheduled

December 15 in Newport News

A one-day clinic to certify new referee assignors (and for current assignors who’d like a refresher) has been scheduled for Saturday, December 15, at the Midtown Community Center in Newport News.


Certification is required to assign all but youth recreation games (although it is very helpful even to rec assignors).  The class provides valuable information on the nuts and bolts of assigning as well as resources available to the assignor, assigning techniques, and USSF policy as it applies to assigning. Certification also grants access to the State Referee database, includes the assignor in official communications involving the assigning community, and allows the assignor to be posted on the Certified Assignor page.


If you are interested in attending this clinic or if you have questions, contact the State Referee Assignor Liaison, Mike Newman, at  Instructions for sign-up will be provided.