New Referee Administrative Handbook

The 2005 version of the Referee Administrative Handbook is available to download at the USSF website,
Please be advised that the most recent edition of the Referee Administrative Handbook has the following print errors:
  1. On the inside front cover, the last sentence should read: "Revised 2005" (not 2004).
  2. On Page 18, the heading for the second column should read "Referee Assignor," not "Referee Assignor/Futsal Referee".  The heading on the third column should read "Indoor Referee/Futsal Referee."
  3. On page 21, the assessment criteria for upgrade to State Referee, Grade 5, should read: Pass two field assessments as referee and one as assistant referee in affiliated top adult Division 1 leagues or higher (the underlined portion was omitted in the print copy).