New Law Changes - 2005-2006

The International Football Association Board met in Wales on February 26, 2005, and agreed on several modifications to the Laws of the Game, which will take effect from July 1, 2005. These modifications will affect Law 3 (Number of Players), Law 11 (Offside), Law 12 (Fouls and Misconduct), Law 14 (Penalty Kicks), and Law 15 (Throw In).
Although information about these changes has already begun appearing on the internet and in other media, the Metro DCV State Referee Program reminds all referees, leagues, coaches, and other interested parties that these approved modifications to the Laws do not take effect until July 1 and are not even official within the United States until distributed by USSF (along with guidance on how they are to be implemented).
The DCV State Referee Program will include information about these matters in its recertification agenda for referees beginning in August and will make every effort to advise referees in advance of the fall season as to the changes then in effect.  Until then, all referees are strongly advised to avoid speculation, rumors, news reports, and other unofficial sources of information about these Law changes.