2020 Recertification Incomplete - Recertification for 2021


We transferred many of the referees with incomplete online lessons for their 2020 recertification to a 2021 Referee Grassroots Recertification clinic, so they can complete the online lessons and be certified in 2021.  We made the accommodation for the inconvenience of postponing clinics due to the COVID-19 shutdowns last Spring.  There is no additional registration fee and clinic fee for 2021.

All of the requirements for your recertification are online.  

TO START.  Go to our Officials Management System (OMS):  https://mdcvasrp.omgtsys.com 

Select “Member Sign In.”  Enter your username and password.

On your Member Home Page, to the right of your reserved clinic, click on “Online Lesson.”

ONLINE LESSONS.  There are six online lessons.

1.  2021 Introduction to the Learning Center  (4 hours, 30 minutes)   
2.  2019-2020 LOTG Changes  (25 minutes)
3   2021 Law Changes - USS  (45 minutes)
4.  2021 Grassroots Referee Recert Quix  (60 minutes)
5.  2021 Learning Center Intro to Safety  (15 minutes)
6.  2021 Learning Center SafeSport  (15 minutes)        

If you already completed the Grassroots Referee Course at the US Soccer Learning Center, you will have credit for the course.  The course is a one-time requirement.  The Introduction to the Learning Center will show complete if the course is completed.  If the Introduction does not show complete, start the lesson.  You will go to the Learning Center by clicking the button to go to the Learning Center.

The Introduction to the Learning Center lesson is both an introduction on how to sign in and log in to the US Soccer Learning Center, and 4.5-hour Grassroots Referee Course.

Part 1 of the Introduction to the Learning Center explains how to Sign In and create a profile, username, and password at the Learning Center.  BE CAREFUL TO ENTER YOUR NAME THE SAME AS YOUR NAME IN OMS.  If your name does not match, the Learning Center will not match your referee history to your account; instead the Learning Center will create a new account.

Part 2 of the Introduction to the Learning Center explains how to Log In and start and complete the Grassroots Referee Course.  BE CAREFUL TO USE LOG IN.  If you use Sign In, you will create another account at the Learning Center.

There are five Parts to the Learning Center course.  You must complete each Part in sequence.

As you progress through the Grassroots Referee Course, you must view everything on a page/slide.  You will have to click on each option to read or watch a video.  Sometimes you will have to scroll down or to the right to see everything on a page/slide.  If you do not see the CONTINUE button, you have not viewed everything on the page/slide.

If you need to stop the course to resume later, select CLOSE, so your progress will be saved and you can resume where you left the course.

When you complete the course, go back to OMS to complete the other lessons.

REMAINING LESSONS.   Complete the remaining online lessons by selecting “Start” beside each lesson, in order.

Everyone must complete Lessons 2 – 5.

Lesson 6, SafeSport Training, is required for referees 18 years or older.  Lesson 6 will show complete for referees who are not 18.  The first time SafeSport Training takes about 90 minutes to complete.  Subsequent annual SafeSport Training takes about 15 minutes to complete.

When you complete the online lessons, we can approve your 2021 referee certification. 

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