Upgrading from Regional Referee to National Official 

US Soccer guidance:

There appears to be some miscommunication about the process for referees to upgrade from Regional Referee to National Official that was presented at the Referee Program Workshop. This will serve as clarification for State Referee Committees. This same process will be communicated to all referees in our next Quarterly Referee Newsletter. 
1.       All Regional Referees will have access to an application requesting they wish to upgrade from a regional license to a national license. The application will have a deadline attached to it for submission. 

2.       The application will ask for the individual's past two fitness test results. 

3.       In addition, the applicant will be asked to list their 100 adult games. Fifty (50 as a referee and 50 as an assistant referee). The list must include the date of the game, both teams, and the level of the adult game. Levels would include U-23, Open, Over 30, Over 40, Over 50, etc. 

4.       If the candidate has met the above minimum requirements, the application will be sent to U.S. Soccer’s National Selection Committee for approval. 

5.       It is important to note this is where subjective nature applies. The panel will discuss each candidate’s application and decide whether the candidate receives an invite to U.S. Soccer’s National Camp. 
Just because a candidate meets the minimum requirements DOES NOT mean you will receive an invite. Candidates whose application is not approved will receive written communication as to why they were not selected. Candidates only need to have three (3) assessments in the license that they are applying for. If a candidate does not select a specific license (referee or assistant referee) their application will be rejected. 

Posted April 19, 2021