Pre Game Conference Subjects - Example #2

Rules of Competition

The Laws of the Game and Procedures

Research on the teams & Referee Team History and Experience


Game Report, Rosters, Player passes


Goals/nets, Field, Lines, Balls, Players Equipment


Partners (AR, 4th, AAR, Mentor/Coach), Field Marshals, Coaches, Players, Captains

Empower Partners

Talking to players, Areas of coverage


E.G. Eye Contact every call and dead ball, talking to players, Keep time & book, non-verbal signals, mirroring

Conflicting Signals vs Undecided

Touchline, Goal line, AR Mirror, Foul


Look at Referee; run up field or stand at attention


Number, when, signal, when to allow on, AR presence


Flag in the hand you think is correct; Look at Referee; Calls in Referee half

                AR side vs Referee side;


Err on the side of attack; Wait for participation interference

Missed flag: Hold till it doesn’t matter, AR mirror


If AR has better view, Ref has not seen; Flagged action behind Referee must be mirrored.

Help with walls in AR area


Goal/No-goal, Totally Disagree, Kick Responsibilities


In sight of Referee, support, opinion on sanction

Out of Referee’s view; Color, number, description of incident, restart

Clearly identify, Yellow (Front Pocket), Red (Back Pocket)

Mass Confrontation

E.G. Keep subs and staff off field, Take numbers, Separate the players

Technical Area/Benches/Spectators

Talking to bench staff, substitutes

When and how to call Referee over


When to allow coach/trainer on, Recording injuries


Handle examinations and paperwork

Look to Referee for signal

Extra time & Kicks

Time, Coin toss(es)

Players on the Field only, Reduce to Equate

Before the Game

Walk out as a team

Bag all lose balls

Substitutes wear pennies

Halftime discussion

Stats, Missed flags, Problem areas

Post-game Responsibilities and Cool-down

Paperwork and supplemental

Jog, Stretching, Hot bath, Cold shower, Protein, Pedialyte

Don’t allow play to restart on an error