General Referee Information

Only take assignments for United States Soccer Federation affiliated matches from certified USSF assignors. Do not take assignments from coaches or any other non-certified assignor. This includes preseason “friendlies”, scrimmages, and all USSF-affiliated tournaments.

Always know what Rules of Competition apply to your event.

Arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled starting time, in order to check the field, conduct a full pre-game conference, and check in the players. If you know either or both of the coaches, always address them as “coach” and not by their first name. Any perception of favoritism is not good.

Goals must be anchored.

Follow the pass and roster documentation requirements of the competition. In general, NO PASS, NO PLAY, but there can be exceptions. 

Understand the policies for severe weather, including lightning and thunder. 

US Soccer does not recognize the 2 referee/2 whistle system. If only 2 referees show up at the field, one referee is the referee, the other is AR1. You may designate a Club Linesperson: identify a parent to call balls in and out of play on the other touchline. 

In cases of referee abuse and/or assault, file a USSF Supplemental report immediately with your assignor, the league, and the State Referee Program Office.

It is VERY important that we make a note of any apparent serious injuries on our game cards (or whatever mechanism we use to report our games to the League/Competition Authority that we are playing our match under). You must send the reports in promptly.

It is your duty and responsibility to file a match report in the manner required by the competition. If not otherwise specified, this should be done by following day. You must report the score, any misconduct and/or player injuries, and anything else that was relevant to the match.