Information For Current Referees

How Is A Referee Scheduled For Games?

US Soccer Certified Referees work with US Soccer Certified Referee Assignors to schedule their games.  We have many certified assignors in the DC/Virginia region.  A list of assignors, along with their conact information, can be found here.

Pre Game Conference Subjects

A critical item in a successful match is the a pregame conference with the referee team. Each member of the team needs to know what will happen in given situations to ensure that those situations are dealt with properly.

Pre Game Conference Subjects

General Referee Information

Only take assignments for United States Soccer Federation affiliated matches from certified USSF assignors. Do not take assignments from coaches or any other non-certified assignor. This includes...

How to Write a Misconduct Report

If you display a yellow or red card for misconduct during your game, you must do the paperwork!

The paperwork is as much a part of the game as calling fouls. Team, coach, and player discipline cannot be adjudicated properly unless you turn in ALL misconduct reports promptly and correctly.

Why bother?  How to do it?  Click here

Referee Forms

US Soccer Referee Report

US Soccer Supplemental Referee Report


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