March 2012

The matter of employment of youth referees under a certain age was a concern in recent months in one part of the state and resulted in communication with a compliance officer for the Virginia Department of Labor who confirmed what our State Referee Committee already knew:  Youth referees under age 16 are exempt under Virginia Code Section 40.1-79.01 from the time restrictions and Employment Certificate requirements because our referees are part of an organization recognized by the United States Olympic Committee.
The applicable section of the law is as follows:
7.  A child 12 years of age or older employed by an eleemosynary organization or unit of state or local government as a referee for sports programs sponsored by that eleemosynary, state, or local organization or by an organization of referees sponsored by an organization recognized by the United States Olympic Committee under 36 U.S.C. § 220522.
US Soccer is recognized by the United States Olympic Committee.  Assignors can use teenagers as referees and pay them. 

Click here to read the Child Labor Regulations in the Federal Register - Part IV  Department of Labor/Wage and Hour Division.

Click here for the exemption as listed in the Code of Virginia 40.1-79.01.