Upgrade Assessments Policy

(1) Each  Regional Referee candidate must pass a maintenance assessment as a grassroots referee before being permitted to attempt an upgrade assessment.  This maintenanace assessment must be on an adult amateur match with 45-minute halves and played to completion.

(2) Upon completion of the grassroots maintenance assessment, four assessments are then required: three assessments as a referee and one as an assistant referee.  

Of the three field assessments as a referee, at least one must be on a top level adult senior amateur match (see list below), and one on any level adult senior amateur match. The third referee assessment match must be on a competitive Youth U18 or U19 age-group level of competition.  
The assessment as an assistant referee must be on an adult senior amateur match, Division 2 or higher (preferably top level Division 1 or higher).  

All assessed games must be played to completion in accordance with the rules of the competition and be a minimum of 45-minute halves.   

(3)  Click the Related Link to the right for "Referee Certification and Recertification Requirements" to view game counts and other requirements that must be completed to become a regional referee.

Grassroots referees are still encouraged to be assessed annually to see how they are performing.

Revised 12/29/2019