Development and Guidance Assessment Form Instructions

This US Soccer Development & Guidance Form can be completed on your computer, saved and emailed. Please follow the simple instructions below.

1 – Open the file from or and save it to your computer. Once saved to your computer, then the form becomes writeable and you can then enter the appropriate information in all of the text boxes at the top of the page.

2 – Under position, using your mouse, click in the box next to the position of the person for which you are writing this assessment. The box will fill in black.

3 – Do the same thing for Difficulty of Game and for Overall Performance.

4 – If you are assessing the Referee, click in the box under NA, A, VG, O for each of the three categories. A check mark will appear. If you click in the wrong box and want to change, just click on the box with the check mark to turn it off and then click in the correct box.

5 – Do the same for the Assistant Referee as you did for the Referee

6 - Complete the 3 boxes: Positive Areas of Performance, Areas For Improvement, Additional Comments/Suggestions. The text will wrap around to the next line. If you hit ENTER you will go to the next line.

7 – Complete your information in the bottom section.

8 – You must do “Save As” and save the file as a new name. A suggestion would be to name the file with the official’s name followed by the date.

9 – Email the assessment to the referee with a copy to Don Torrenti..