About the Neptune Academy....

Grade 7 Referees Need Maintenance Assessment by End of May to Apply

REMINDER - The Neptune Academy will be held on the weekend of August 3-5, 2018 in VA Beach.  This is an academy for Grade 7 referees and above.  All games are between adult teams and range from coed rec to Premier division men.  All Grade 7 referees who plan to apply for the Neptune Academy MUST have a maintenance assessment AS A REFEREE on a Youth U-16 and above match, having 40-minute or more halves, to include adult senior amateur matches.  This assessment must be completed by the end of May.  Instructions for applying for an assessment can be found on our website, vadcsoccerref.com.

The formal announcement for the academy will be made in May.  Basic requirements for the academy are that a candidate must be a minimum of 18 years old with 2 or more years experience at the adult level as a referee.

POSTED 4/25/2018