Changes to the Laws of the Game

To All Referees -

There are many changes to the Laws of the Game that went into effect on 01 July 2016.  Misapplication of many of the law changes could be game critical and could have a detrimental impact on the outcome of the game.  
The new Laws will be implemented as each league starts its new season, and for upcoming tournaments.  It is your responsibility as a referee to know the Laws of the Game and rules of the competition you are refereeing.  We encourage you read the changes to the Laws and complete recertification as soon as you can.  Half of the recertification clinics may be committed to the Law changes.  Clinics will begin again in August.  Clinic postings should appear within a couple of weeks.
The links below will provide you with the Laws of the Game and the new changes. 
A short synopsis of the Law changes (4 pages):  CLICK HERE   [UPDATED 7/17/2016 - SEE LAW 11 - OFFSIDE]
International Football Association Board (IFAB) Summary of the Law Changes (12 pages):
2016/17 Laws of the Game (206 pages).  Laws and Interpretations are merged together, Section comparing Old Text to New Text, Section on Practical Guidelines for Match Officials:
Printed version of the 2016-17 LOTG
2016-17 IFAB LOTG Changes Presentation (65 pages):
IFAB Revision to the LOTG Frequently Asked Questions (12 pages):
Jack Deplitch
State Director of Instruction
POSTED 7/13/2016 
UPDATED 7/17/2016